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TR53 Certified ESD Technician Training
TR53 Certified ESD Technician Training
by ASCC in cooperation with Prostat University

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3 Day Training

8:30am to 5:00pm
/person (early registration)

$1,995.00/person (regular Price)


Meet the ESDA Certified TR53 Technician program requirements

Advanced Static Control Consulting (ASCC) has been endorsed by the ESD Association as an official, third-party, service provider for training that can lead to attendee certification as a "Certified TR53 Technician".

The ASCC TR53 Certified ESD Technician Training program will teach attendees how to make the measurements to verify that the installed ESD controls meet the requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 using the ESD Association’s Technical Report ESD TR53.

Participants will learn how to make compliance verification measurements including worksurfaces, flooring, ionizers, packaging and static control garments. More importantly, attendees will learn how to determine the root cause of any Electrostatic Discharge controls that fail to meet the established requirements.

3 Day Course Including a Certification Exam

The TR53 Certified ESD Technician Training course consists of one day of classroom training, a one-day, hands-on workshop and an optional certification exam on the third day.

Attendees that pass the optional exam will be provided with certification credentials by ASCC. ASCC will also register all successful candidates with the ESD Association and pay the certification fee on their behalf.

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10/19/2021 to 10/21/2021  
Chicago, IL
Early Registration By 9/19/2021
Available Seats: 2
2/8/2022 to 2/10/2022  
Chicago, IL
Early Registration By 1/8/2022
Available Seats: 20
5/17/2022 to 5/19/2022  
Chicago, IL
Early Registration By 4/17/2022
Available Seats: 20
8/16/2022 to 8/18/2022  
Chicago, IL
Early Registration By 7/16/2022
Available Seats: 20
11/8/2022 to 11/10/2022  
Chicago, IL
Early Registration By 10/8/2022
Available Seats: 20
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Course Outline

Learning Objectives

The TR53 Certified ESD Technician Training Course will teach the fundamentals of Electrostatic Discharge and train technicians to make the ESD Control Measurements required by ANSI/ESD S20.20 and IEC 61340-5-1 ESD Program standards including:
  • Worksurfaces
  • Floors
  • Chairs
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Garments
  • Personnel Grounding (footwear, wrist straps etc…)
  • Ionizers
  • Gloves
  • Hand Tools
  • ESD Ground Verification
This course is 2 days of intensive study that includes the following subjects:
  • Classroom Instruction
    • ESD Basics for Auditors
    • Device Failure Models and Mechanisms
    • Equipment selection and use
    • Detailed measurement practices
  • Measurement Workshop
    • Individual instructions on resistance and voltage measurement techniques
    • Hands on practice using state-of-the-art auditing equipment
    • Optional Certification Exam (Day 3)
    • Candidate demonstrates proficiency in using equipment for required audit measurements
    • Successful candidates are designated as TR53 Technician by the ESD Association.

Ron Gibson, Instructor

Ron Gibson specializes in manufacturing process control, training and facility certification in accordance with ANSI/ESD S20.20. He is well known internationally as a major contributor to ESD technology for the past 30 years. He was Celestica International’s Global Engineering Consultant and Corporate ESD Program Manager.

As a respected member of the standards development community Ron was active in the International Electrotechnical commission (IEC) as the Standards Council of Canada’s (SCC) national representative from 1992 to 2012. He was also the Chairman of the IEC 61340-5-1 working group.

He served as the ESD Association’s Standards Chair for over 10 years. A member of the ESD Association since 1988, he is still active in several Standards Committees and is currently the Chairman of the ESD Association’s Facility Certification Committee and served in every ESDA officer position including two terms as President of the ESD Association.